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Animal Posters

Beautiful and stylish animal style posters and prints. Choose from nature photographs, stylistic illustrations and graphically pleasing interpretations. Animal posters fit well in any room in your house!

Animal posters online at Poster Store

Animal posters for toddlers

Have you recently had a baby, or has your child reached the phase of life where they start to learn about the world and recognise animals? Take it a step higher than the regular farm animals and teach them about the beauty of the African savanna, the highlands or the rainforest with our animal posters for toddlers! The cute animal posters we have at Poster Store will give the nursery a playful and educational vibe, as well as something great to look at when you spend time with your child. Our animal posters for toddlers are also perfectly suitable for other areas of the home, since they are child and adult friendly. 

Wild animal posters

Why not create an amazing, inspired by Africa's wildlife gallery wall with wild animal posters? Go on safari in your home now! Our selection ranges from the mighty African lion, to cute zebras and stunning elephants. By combining wild animal posters with for example our botanical and ocean posters you are guaranteed to create a fun and exotic gallery wall. The cheap animal posters we sell online at Poster Store are a perfect addition to an adventurous home. Inspire yourself and your guests with your wall art made up of animal prints. Our wildlife animal prints will not disappoint!

Animal prints

Aside from the incredible wild animal posters we also carry many beautiful animal prints of forest animals, birds, horses and deer. Every nature lover should be able to find something they love. Whether it be to create a safari inspired gallery wall, or a beautiful hike inspired gallery wall, we sell cheap animal prints just for you! As a Scandinavian company we are inspired by the forest, mountains, lakes and all the beautiful animals found in these natural habitats. This is a type of love you will see shine through in our incredible poster selection. Animal prints are beautifully combined with other nature posters, as well as quotes or black and white posters!

Animal posters for classrooms

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, or your home. Why not use our animal posters for classrooms? It is important to realise that children often spend more time at school than at home, so in order to keep them interested and inspired it could be a great asset to include animal prints in the places they spend most of their days. By using our animal posters for classrooms you, as a teacher, are able to introduce the children to the wonders of the world in a more playful way than solely through books. Studies have shown that animals can reduce stress in humans, mostly by interacting with them, but having cute and funny animals to look at will also impact the children!